Sales and Distribution

Simply Deliver On-Time

CyFrame’ ERP order entry and distribution were designed to be simple and intuitive and yet, handle the most complex sales orders and delivery methods. Sales orders can quickly be dispatched to production and shipped from the factory or via a secondary private or public warehouse. Custom orders for a finished product automatically generate single or multiple work orders as well as issue related purchase orders to subcontractors with a single click when the order is processed. Our goal is to dispatch orders across the company with a simple ‘’to-do’’ sequential list at each step to ensure that your team delivers profitable products on-time.

CyFrame’s Sales and Distribution Main Benefits

Productive Growth

CyFrame designed and optimized the Sales and Distribution module for plastics processors in order to increase productivity with a full integration of production, shipping and invoicing. It provides the internal framework structure required for processor’s growth.

Profit Guardian

When a new sales order is entered, profitability is checked against the latest actual cost of resin recipes which may result in a warranted product sales price review. Price list, sales and production profitability reports ensure that the right information triggers the right internal actions.

Eliminate Costs

Based on the fact that our software is optimized for plastics processors to save valuable time, CyFrame abounds with features that eliminate costs such as its automated confirmations, automated material certification and export documents at shipping, forecast order generators and much more.

Multi-Warehouse In-Transit Order Process

When plastics processors grow their business, more complex logistics often becomes a great challenge. From shipping orders directly from the main plant to external private or public warehouses, CyFrame is designed to easily handle complex logistics operations. A Sales order can be configured to be shipped from the plant to an external warehouse, then track in-transit to that warehouse to be shipped in single or multiple deliveries to the customer. It can also remain in an external warehouse as consignment inventory to be automatically invoiced via our Web Portal when the customer requests a shipment.

Programmable Order Types

  • Stock orders
  • Custom orders
  • Stock in-transit orders
  • Custom in-transit orders
  • Sample orders
  • Inter warehouse
  • Restock orders
  • Forecast orders
  • RMA orders

Sales Order Visibility

  • Open sales order drill-down status inquiry
  • Standby sales orders and real-time production status
  • Orders and back orders to pick for shipping
  • In-transit orders status report and inquiries
  • Order tracking by stages of order processing

Consignment Capabilities

  • Web portal consignment usage entries
  • Automated usage consignment invoicing
  • Web portal entries from external warehouses
  • Consignment inventories at the customer or your internal/external warehouse

Sales Order Automation

  • Quick access to Product on Price List or ‘’active’’ product previously ordered
  • Pre-defined customer or customer-product related comments for sales, production, shipping and invoicing activities
  • View of all reserved and on-hand quantities by warehouse as well as in-transit
  • Stock program and Blanket Order Sales Order generator
  • Automatic Quote to Order generation

Sales and Distribution Profitability

For customers looking for superior inventory control, CyFrame offers the ability to track inventory quantities and packages by stock location. Inventory movements are tracked throughout the warehouse in real-time and can be queried using a number of powerful tools and reports. This feature is especially useful for keeping track of faulty, quarantined or slow-moving stock.CyFrame profitability reporting is designed to look at all the different possible improvement opportunities available to your business operations.For example, in sales and distribution automatically recovering freight costs from customers can make a positive contribution to your cash flow. Profitability reports can be looked at globally by customer , by products or both with a multitude of selection criteria. Production profitability can show what product you excel at doing. This information can be used for your ‘’inside advantage’’ strategy in growing your business. Furthermore, there is the profit volume consideration, do you process enough production profit volume every day to generate the positive cash flow required to reach your bottom line goal. Your objective may be to increase productivity and reduce costs and it is our mission at CyFrame is to provide the critical profitability information you need to help you define the best strategies and action plans.

Price List

  • By product and by customers price List
  • Looks at the sales volume goals
  • Standard costs versus actual material cost
  • Actual production efficiency and reject rates by products
  • True profit margin evaluation for a given period


  • 3 major types of sales profitability reports with over 10 selection criteria
  • Spreadsheet format extraction
  • Production views by standard cost and average standard cost fluctuations
  • Resale views by average and landed average costs
  • Over 25 profitability reporting views


  • Online customer freight profitability inquiry
  • Freight profitability report by customer
  • Sales profitability reporting including freight costs
  • Freight separated or included in the price list
  • Included freight in price can be separated in the GL revenues to match freight costs


  • Compares actual cost versus standard cost components by customer and products
  • Can select by production work centers
  • Drill down to individual production work orders
  • Drill down to work order summary cost breakdown and the detailed production efficiency report

Shipping & Invoicing

Shipping and Invoicing is directly linked to the lively hood of any company. CyFrame features an amazing amount of flexibility on how shipping and invoicing is designed to meet all the particular customer requirements while it maintains all the controls required for full traceability and integrity between shipping and invoicing. For instance, shipping features shipment consolidations, automated shipping costs for invoicing and the automated generation of all shipping documents with just one click to name a few. Once shipped, an invoice is automatically generated to be approved. Once the invoice is approved, it is automatically dispatched either by email and/or paper and/or EDI to the appropriate customer contacts.

Price List

  • Consolidate or un-consolidate pick lists or packing slips
  • Track and display late orders an back orders
  • Apply freight costs and freight tracking numbers for accounts payable match
  • Automatic freight cost interface with UPS and Fedex
  • One Scan shipping document generation
  • Shipping export documentation templates


  • Automated sales invoice generated from shipping
  • Automatic assignments of freight charges, GL codes, terms and contracts
  • Each invoice header, footer and lines can be edited with price and cost changes as well as comments
  • Powerful sales invoice Search drill-down with full order process history traces and payments made
  • Quick manual invoice entry or credit notes

By Location

  • Inventory movement of skids or boxes from production
  • Picklist by inventory locations
  • Allocation of finished goods for shipments
  • Manual entry capability for adjustments
  • Cyclical count or physical count by location or production serials
  • Inventory reports and inquiries of products by location

Lot Certificates

  • Box or skid bar-code production serial tracking at any warehouse
  • Issue lot certification at shipping by skid serial shipped at any warehouse
  • Boxing or unboxing skids tracks change of the lot certificates for shipping
  • Lot number inquiry

Automated Plastics Cost and Price Review

Resins costs may suddenly increase or decrease and are allocated at different percentages in many plastics recipes, costing and subsequently product pricing becomes a very complicated process. It often results in delaying product sales price reviews that take away legitimate profits. Using simple average rules may result in overpricing customers and an increased risk of losing them to competitors or underpricing others and losing profits. CyFrame recognizes this dilemma for plastics processors and mechanized the entire process in three easy steps from resin costs through to customer price lists. As a result, it generally takes less than a few days to review price lists for all customers.

Step 1 - Resins

  • Raw materials including resins, additives, colors, and packaging in an easy spreadsheet like updated interface
  • Latest price, average and average landed cost, vendor prices versus current standard cost
  • Inquiry listing of on-hand quantities versus usage to see if cost increase is warranted

Step 2 - Products

  • Automated finished product standard cost updated by product groups
  • Standard product costing simulations
  • Review labor. overhead, machine and tooling rates
  • Review average production order size to properly amortize setups
  • Review current production and reject rates to establish waste factors or speed

Step 3 - Prices

  • Automated sales price list proposal for single or multiple customers
  • Proposed price increase to maintain margins, pass on the cost increase or by fixed percentage on the dollar amount
  • Review the sales price profitability true production costs to adjust margins
  • Price list push effective date sent by email, print and via CyFrame’s web portal

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Get the latest news on plastic processing and receive free access to reports and white paper on how to improve your operations.