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Easy to use, our manufacturing and planning modules offer a variety of tools such as Material Requirements Planning, Capacity Requirements Planning and Labor Requirements Planning reports that allow the production department to correctly allocate resources to optimize capacity and profitability during the production process. A dynamic drag-and-drop production calendar provides the flexibility and visibility required to schedule work orders and guarantee delivery dates while minimizing setup and changeover times and avoiding production conflicts. Our shop floor data acquisition with an optional integrated PLC module tracks all the production data in real-time through barcode labels that demonstrate production efficiency and true profitability.

Primary Manufacturing and Planning Benefits

Scheduling and planning

Easily schedule production orders, quickly resolve bottlenecks, analyze what-if situations, identify material and primary and secondary equipment conflicts and eliminate the need for manual data input or spreadsheets.

Full production traceability

Follow your production at multiple levels, start to finish, whether you need to track production by Work Order number or lot traceability by raw material.

CyFrame has the answers to: when, what, where, how and who.

Real time production entry and KPIs

CyFrame will populate efficiency reports and track production profitability to give you the tools required to make the best decisions when it matters most.

Forecast and Made for Stock Work Order Generator

Stay one step ahead with CyFrame’s forecast module. Forecast models can be used to determine reorder points and economical order quantities to help ensure optimal inventory control and better customer service. Customer files are loaded and material management files for finished goods are entered into the system to generate the information needed to plan and forecast production. CyFrame also allocates raw materials, machines and labor to meet delivery targets. Companies that operate with an MTS (made to stock) model struggle to produce the correct quantities of the right product at the correct time. CyFrame’s work order generator manages minimum and maximum stock levels, sets the stock target based on customers’ order history and bases future plans on finished goods turnover. Rely on CyFrame and you’ll never face another overstock or finished goods shortage.

Better production visibility

  • Stock target dashboards
  • Forecast dashboard
  • MRP including forecast orders
  • Material reserved based on open orders
  • Production planning including MTS and forecast orders

Intuitive and easy-to-use

  • Create MTS orders with one click
  • Suggested production quantities are based on stock targets and minimum/maximum levels
  • Minimum/maximum report for finished goods and WIP
  • One click from forecasted orders to production

Better Response

  • CyFrame automatically forecasts the customers’ next orders based on historical patterns
  • MTS products are always available when needed
  • Order entry inventory verification for MTS orders

Quality, real-time production and shop-floor data capture

The CyFrame shop-floor data capture’s simple, unique interface allows the operator to capture real-time production quantities, production time, rejects, and much more by touching the screen. Print finished goods and WIP barcode labels once the box or skid has been completed. Enter in-line inspection information, verify your quality metrics and manage lot and control numbers for finished goods. Review efficiency numbers onscreen and supervise production speed and cycle times.

No more handwritten documents in production

  • Select a job by scanning the work order
  • Enter set-up, production and down times, in real time by touching the screen.
  • Enter production quantities by scanning or printing production labels
  • Enter and count rejects based on the production speed or cycle times
  • Easy to use interface in three different languages

Quality assurance and product inspections

  • Reject entries by weight or piece from the punch screen
  • Control production downtimes based on quality assurance codes that detail the issues
  • Assign raw material lot numbers for full traceability using the punch screen
  • Control numbers track production changes such as switching material lots during a run production
  • Downtime and QA rejects reports

Simple production quantities entry

  • Generates production labels from the screen on demand
  • Increase finished goods and decrease raw material inventory by scanning or printing labels
  • Update your recipe on the fly by adding regrind material or changing the percentages
  • Review packaged finished goods in boxes and skids at any moment

Fully integrated

  • Punch screen is fully integrated with the production calendar and the work order planning screen to update production information and WO status in real time
  • Inventory quantities are updated in real time and placed in specific locations for QA approval.
  • Can be integrated with a PLC to compare real and standard cycle times

Drop & Drop Scheduling, Material and Capacity Requirements Planning

A plastics company must be able to deliver customized products to its customers’ doorsteps anywhere in the world – in the right quantity, at the right time and at a reasonable cost. To accomplish this, CyFrame integrates a dynamic drag-and-drop, easy-to-use production calendar with real-time Material Requirements and Capacity Requirements planning data to create schedules in just a few seconds. This ensures production conflicts are avoided, the right resources and materials are allocated and changes can be easily accommodated if circumstances change.

Flexible production calendar

  • Plan and control all scheduling from a centralized drag- and-drop panel
  • Easily modify schedules without jeopardizing on-time delivery
  • Use visual color codes to quickly identify machine conflicts and material shortages
  • Hover over text or icons to open a small window with additional information on current and other work orders

Centralized information

  • Work Order Planning dashboard displays live production data
  • WOP gives you direct one-click access to all of its functionality
  • Modify any work order on the fly from the WOP screen
  • Vertical scheduling from the WOP screen
  • Sales orders pending approval are also shown in the production calendar


  • Dynamic production calendar identifies conflicts when an order is taking longer to produce
  • Machine and mold/die conflicts
  • MRP checks and missing material pop-up alerts
  • From 1 day to 5 weeks of planning visibility
  • Production planning accounts for holidays and weekends
  • CyFrame plans lightest to darkest color production to minimize changeover and downtime
  • 1080hd full screen production calendar


  • Increase production capacity
  • Manage any raw material shortage for on-time production
  • Better on-time deliveries
  • Better communication tools for the business
  • Helps the supply chain prioritize requirements
  • Better use of the labor force
  • From the sales order to the calendar based on customer needs

Drill Down to Production Profitability & Work Order Performance

“Profitability is a measurement of efficiency.” At CyFrame, we demonstrate our commitment to that statement with real-time profitability and efficiency reports based on real-time data pulled from the shop floor. Assess your production profitability in real-time rather than wait until the end of the month or quarter. Drill down to the production details, evaluate the operator, machine and material performance, compare standard versus actual costs, analyze the contribution margin and make the right decision at the right moment.

Real-time profitability data

  • Update efficiency reports in real time from the moment production starts
  • Live dashboards detail packing efficiency and Gross Profit Estimate
  • Work order cost summary reports
  • Standard versus actual cost comparison
  • Calculate contribution margin based on scanned products

Production performance

  • Drill-down to the job details
  • Evaluate the machine, shift and material efficiency based on standard costs
  • Track raw material efficiency based on rejects, regrind use and finished approved products
  • Daily production profit
  • Eight different scrap report formats
  • Downtime reports based on downtime reasons

Live production and profitability dashboards

  • Track your efficiency from anywhere using CyFrame’s executive dashboards
  • Display production dashboards on the shop floor to make everybody accountable
  • Track your production from any mobile device

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Get the latest news on plastic processing and receive free access to reports and white paper on how to improve your operations.