About Us

Powerful Industry Specific Solutions

CyFrame is a unique provider of Industry Specific ERP and Custom solutions, in particular for all different types of Processors in the Plastics Industry. CyFrame continually invests its capital to provide the best Plastics Industry ERP Solution year after year to help Processors evolve affordably the simplest way possible from ‘’Paper to Knowledge’’ with a strong focus on the manufacturing operation side were most traditional ERP solutions fail.

The Journey so Far

In its humble beginnings in 1987, under the name of CMA Solutions, we were a highly skilled local custom software development shop and implemented top-tier Financial and Distribution ERP Solutions alongside with custom software solutions for Manufacturing. In 1997, everything changed when we acquired one of the leading ERP systems in Eastern Canada and re-engineered it with the best ‘’Web-Centric Thin Client Architecture’’ foundation to bring us to 2002 when we started the CyFrame era in Plastics.

Since then, we are serving Plastics Processors in more than 10 countries with a focus on attaining a 100% implementation success rate one customer at a time. Our desire for long-term relations with customers, our team members and external partners is driven by our strong sense of Loyalty and Hard Work to achieve it. This is truly who we are.

The Quest for 100% Success Rate

CyFrame’s mission is to attain a 100% rate of success in implementing our ERP solution for the Plastics Industry. Based on 15 years of Implementation, we have learned and continually improved our methods and process to reach the best success rate in the Industry. 100% is our goal. Our new 2018 JumpStart innovation will significantly eliminate risks and, at the same time, provide much faster results for our new customers. We will be relentless in achieving a 100% rate of success.

Growth and Profitability but not at any cost

CyFrame, its owners and its Top Management made a pledge to apply the best ethical practice by serving our customers the fastest way possible for results, sharing wealth with all our team members, seek international diversity with non-discrimination hiring practice, develop key long term partnerships for external experts and finally, be a role model in our community in our challenging adventure to reach constant new highs.

To test our achievements in Best Ethical Management Practices as well as our Financial Performance with our peers, we participate in the National Bank of Canada award every 5 years for the Montreal region which test our growth, profitability, human resource conditions and ethical social behavior. We have won the Gold Award out of the 20,000 plus businesses in our Montreal area the two times we did apply. With the current society ever-changing value system, CyFrame recognizes that it must constantly evolve to meet these challenges ahead of time by innovating our policies and practice.

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Get the latest news on plastic processing and receive free access to reports and white paper on how to improve your operations.